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Ansonia Records Presents - Salsa Con Estilo - Dance Floor Gems From The Vaults: 1950s-1980s

Various Artists

Ansonia Records Presents - Salsa Con Estilo - Dance Floor Gems From The Vaults: 1950s-1980s

Label: Ansonia Records

Genre: World Music


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Introducing "Ansonia Records Presents - Salsa Con Estilo - Dance Floor Gems from the Vaults: 1950s - 1980s," a vibrant compilation that traces the musical journey of salsa through the iconic NYC-based Latin label, Ansonia Records and its founder Rafael "Ralph" Pérez. A trailblazer in the U.S. recording industry, Pérez played a pivotal role in shaping the Latin music landscape, particularly during the label's heyday from the 1950s to the 1970s. The album unfolds in two distinct parts: "Roots of Salsa" and "Salsa Boom." "Roots of Salsa" invites listeners to explore the pre-1970s era, delving into the foundational recordings that laid the groundwork for the salsa phenomenon. These tracks boast danceable rhythms, vibrant brass, and the unmistakable influence of Afro-Cuban genres like son, guaguancó, and son montuno. The compilation carefully highlights key elements such as the coro, montuno, moña, and cierre, providing a rich historical perspective on the roots of salsa. In the 1970s, when salsa exploded onto the New York scene, Ansonia faced formidable competition from larger labels. Despite being a small fish in a big pond, Ansonia persevered, releasing fantastic records that held their own against industry giants. "Salsa Boom" captures this dynamic period, showcasing the resilience and talent of Ansonia's artists. Despite limited airplay and media attention, these tracks stand as a testament to the label's enduring impact on the salsa movement. As you embark on this revelatory journey through Ansonia's musical legacy, each track challenges preconceptions about the label. "Salsa Con Estilo" pays homage to one of Ansonia's legendary salseros, Frankie "Mr. Estilo" Figueroa, while celebrating the vibrant dance music that defined the label over the decades. Join us in rediscovering the hidden gems and untold stories of Ansonia Records, a family-run business that left an indelible mark on the Latin audience it faithfully served.