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The Harvest

Lemon Lemon

The Harvest

Label: Body Blows

Genre: Rock / Pop


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After the first EP "Double" released in 2021, Lemon Lemon, a band divided between the cities of Manchester and Treviso, is back with a new 8-track album.
"The Harvest" aims to be a more mature record with a broad and varied sound: post-punk, pop and psychedelic rock mixed together for a tart and fresh fruit salad.

The work lasted 2 years in which the tracks were shared and elaborated remotely by the musicians, opening up to collaborations with local artists by inserting keyboards, synthesizers, winds and percussions that contaminated the final sound.

After "Double", the new album represents all the ideas developed by the trio and left to ripen, waiting for the right moment to be harvested.

Psych Pop feels tart and refreshing, yellow like lemons, Lemon Lemon is a faded polaroid. It's a kaleidoscopic look at the world, a collective of artists between Treviso and Manchester, an exchange of ideas, perceptions and sensations that merges into the DIY philosophy.