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Copenhagen Electro Alliance - Merger

Various Artists

Copenhagen Electro Alliance - Merger

Label: Inherent Futurism

Genre: Electro / Electro-Rock


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Danish imprint Inherent Futurism returns with its second release in 2024, entitled 'Merger' and made up of a selection of cuts from the Copenhagen Electro Alliance. Inherent Futurism is the new label launched by Morten Kamper, an intrinsic member of the Copenhagen electronic music scene and the man behind the city's 313vinyl_collective record store. He launched the label with a reissue of the Autobot-1000 '3 Dimensions Of Space', a hidden gem from 2001 and the golden era of Electro. Here though, he brings things closer to home and revisits an array of select compositions from the Copenhagen Electro Alliance, compiled together to make up the aptly titled 'Merger'. The package is made up of twelve tracks across two twelve-inch vinyl from artists in the alliance, Nixxon, Brain Enterprise, Deimos Defender and Kruzh'em. As the name of the Copenhagen Electro Alliance collective would suggest, the aesthetic leans heavily towards experimental sounds and draws influence from the soul of Detroit electro, which paved the way for the future of the genre. The twelve-track collection explores all of the classic Electro tropes from punchy and crunch 808s, intricately intertwined synthesizer melodies, murky bass lines and dynamically unfolding, heavily modulated constructions, some leaning towards dance floor friendly while others lay more in the realm of sonic exploration of futuristic music.