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Trade Your Soul

You Said Strange

Trade Your Soul

Label: Vous Avez Dit Bizarre

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Hailing from Normandy (France), YOU SAID STRANGE offer an indie rock sound made up of psych pop-rock, shoegaze and proto-grunge. The band's music is the work of passionate musicians, combining the dazzling power of their instruments and the union of their voices to create a fusion of melancholy and energy. The band recorded their 1st album, Salvation Prayer, in 2018 in Portland (USA), with Peter G. Holmstrom from The Dandy Warhols. Seduced, the iconic Kevin Cole invites them to perform live in the studios of the prestigious KEXP radio, where their next project will emerge. At the end of 2021, Thousand Shadows Vol.1 is released. Then, after defending it on European and American stages, comes its sequel Thousand Shadows Vol.2 in 2023.

"TRADE YOUR SOUL" plunges us into the complex exploration of human relationships, love, trust and disillusionment, addressing several universal themes in an introspective way. This post-rock tale unfolds as a metaphorical journey of spirituality through life's most intense and intimate emotions and experiences.

YOU SAID STRANGE continues to combine abstract and concrete indie rock with psych-rock, post-punk, shoegaze and indus, inviting listeners to reflect ever more deeply. Nevertheless, "TRADE YOUR SOUL" marks a significant milestone for the band, with a more striking musical approach and a number of innovations, while remaining the work of passionate musicians who combine the dazzle of instruments and the union of voices to fuse melancholy and energy.