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Spaceman In A Satin Suit

Celibate Rifles

Spaceman In A Satin Suit

Label: Bang!

Genre: Rock / Pop


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High-level reissue of one of the legendary and world-renowned bands that emerged in Australia, essential for any lover and collector of Australian Rock and Punk Rock / High Energy.

'Spaceman In a Satin Suit' was released in 1994 and it is one of the best and most mature works in Celibate Rifles´ discography, and now for the first time on vinyl since its initial release.

The 14 songs of the Celibate Rifles introduce you with an electric storm, oppressively dense, hard and heavy, which then become faster, sharper and stronger, where they overflow Punk, which remains their hallmark, with sharp guitars, wounded and full of fury, until they reach a kind of breaking point towards a more experimental part, together generating an interesting sonic boom (The Ramones team up with Blue Oyster Cult in a particularly gloomy alley).

Lovelock's lyrics exude more optimism than on previous LPs and this peaks with 'Big World', a declaration of love to his beloved planet Earth. There is also room for his usual biting social commentary. On the album we also find a tribute to one of its musical influences, 'Let's Do It Again' by Sonic's Rendezvous Band (with the participation of Fred 'Sonic' Smith, ex-MC5).

This great LP reflects the simple spirit of the Rifles' rock'n'roll with catchy choruses and signature guitars, with another part that they began to play with after this album, a more experimental and introspective side.
This album can be rated a 14 out of 14.