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Futurepast Temporalities

Odd Dodo

Futurepast Temporalities

Label: Goodbye Sober Day Records

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Futurepast Temporalities features music exploration that challenges established conventions without compromising the musicality in any of the 8 pieces. Sonically, a quite diverse album that pushes the boundaries of traditional genres by merging and overlaying soundscapes from the Kraut explosion all the way to post-rock and electronic compositions of recent years.

At its core, Odd Dodo in his debut, combine analog synths & effects with physical instruments and embrace dissonance or even atonality at points, ultimately challenging our expectations and creating something fresh and most importantly alive.

Odd Dodo is Iannis Chatzipapas: Synths, Bass, Electroacoustics and Effects, Drum Machine.

Additional Musicians :
Babis Petsinis: Drums
Evaggelia Argiropoulou: Trumpet

Mixed By Dennis Konstantinidis

Mastered By Stefan Konstantinidis

Cover Art By Iannis Chatzipapas