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Kiviniemi Anni Trio


Label: We Jazz

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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US based Finnish pianist Anni Kiviniemi debuts her trio featuring bassist Eero Tikkanen and drummer Hans Hulbaekmo (from Gard Nilssen's Supersonic Orchestra and Moskus).

"Eir is an introspective, moody, yet swinging trio set comprising of 8 Kiviniemi originals. Modeled for a classic jazz piano trio, Kiviniemi's music reaches far beyond, bringing together influences from classical music, Norwegian musical tradition and North African music.

Of her compositional process, Kiviniemi says: "I always gravitate towards the unknown in music and, I suppose, in life. If I hear an unusual melody or a bizarre chord that I don’t immediately recognise, I need to jump on the piano and figure out what it is. Then I play around with it a bit, making sure I understand it and that I’m able to use it in a different context in the future. I always set strict limitations on myself as a composer, but give my fellow musicians the complete freedom to interpret my music in their own way. If they want to change something, they’re free to do so. I love being surprised as a bandleader. It teaches me a lot, which is always fun. I’d say the album is 95% improvised but when we play live, we edge towards 99%."

Eir is named after Kiviniemi's daughter, who was born after the recording of the album, but before its release. This also highlights the nature of the record, which is highly intimate, pulling the listener in for the finer details, while flowing along with the overall sound."