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For Better, For Worse

Dj Scientist

For Better, For Worse

Label: Equinox

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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"For Better, For Worse" is the debut album by DJ Scientist, the founder and head of the Equinox Records label. The music on the album was produced between 2001 and 2006 and offers a unique, fully-sample based instrumental body of work that, even 6 years after its originally scheduled release date, has the power to spellbind and steer the listener into the widespread musical world of one of Germany's most passionate record collectors and artist.

Some tracks of the album were 'leaked' early. In 2006 on the "Journey Goodbye EP" and in the form of the song 'Raincoatman' which appeared on the first Equinox Records compilation. These early releases raised excitement levels for the album and fans of Scientist's unique approach. Unfortunately the album never materialised, partly due to the complexity of some of the songs, consisting of more than 50 layers. Moving from his hometown of Munich to Berlin in that period and coping with the increasing work the label was requiring of him as founder and manager also didn't help. Scientist then decided to focus on his collaboration with American rapper and multi-instrumentalist Ceschi Ramos in 2007, sealing the album off for a few more years. On the collaboration Scientist proved his skills as a producer across four singles and EPs (featuring popular cuts such as 'Same Old Love Song' and 'Bad Jokes') and an album, "The One Man Band Broke Up", released in 2010. The instrumental version of the album acted as Scientist's official solo debut. Until now…

In 2012 Scientist began to revisit the body of work that made up "For Better, For Worse" and finalised the tracks from the vast archive of finished and unfinished songs. In April he released "The Artless Cuckoo EP" which featured additional tracks from the same early production period that makes up the bulk of the album. The EP introduced the album, catching the attention of fans who had been waiting for quite some time.

"For Better, For Worse" therefore picks up from where "Journey Goodbye" had ended and where "The Artless Cuckoo" had restarted. All the tracks on the album show the musical power that resides in the "instrumental hip hop" genre, for lack of a better word. Despite the time it took to make and release, or perhaps precisely because of it, the album defines Scientist's talent and knowledge as a sample-based musician. Even if the crashing drums and melancholic samples which mark the music have now often been replaced by glitches and Dilla-esque drums elsewhere, the music on the album still sounds like little else in hip hop today. The instrumental side of the genre has rarely been purer, more powerful or more uncompromising.

It's with great pleasure that nearly 10 years after work on the music started Equinox Records finally gives spotlight to the man in the back. So stop, and listen. For better, and for worse.