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A Life Full Of Colour


A Life Full Of Colour

Label: Sixteentimes Music

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Take Tudor, a Transylvanian singer looking for inspiration in the UK. Add in Wayne, a Mancunian songwriter and his amazing set of merry minstrels, James, Shaun and Ryan... and there you have it: The Cuza. This glorious fusion of cultures and personalities has resulted in a seemingly unstoppable flow of fabulous music. Sumptuous melodies, captivating lyrics, soaring guitars, energy, beauty, edge, and pathos. All delivered with hook after hook after hook. They are a 5 - piece Guitar Band with their own ideas, a rare thing, and a breath of fresh air. Innovative in the studio, and incredible live, supporting the likes of New Model Army and never seeming to play the same set twice with their ever - growing musical catalogue.