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Label: Veego Records

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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This album was created by the demo that was sent to Veego Records by Lepyr during covid. this is an album of true musical and lyrical expression.

Στίχοι-μουσική Λεπύρ
Synths-programming-φωνή Λεπύρ
Additional Synths and programming Ekelon
Guitars: Λάμπης Κουντουρόγιαννης Α3, Β1,Β4
Sax & Synths : Μάριος Βαλινάκης Α1, Α3
Percussions : Σωτήρης Ντούβας Α1, Α2,Β1
Vocals : Έλενα Λεώνη B4
Vocals Guitars : MAZOHA B3
Shouts/ Synths : Ανδρέας Μητρέλης Α4,B1,Β2
Produced by : Ekelon, Ανδρέας Μητρέλης, Λεπύρ

Limited edition 300 copies, clear vinyl.