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Label: Pqr - Disques Plusquereel ‎

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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A true diamond in the pantheon of French progressive rock, Skryvania’s sole album thatwas released in 1978 is currently the scene’s most expensive artefact, with copies selling for over 3000 euros (if found). The album’s musical merit is hardly contestable.
Although largely composed in the typically French symphonic prog vein, it is no stranger to hard prog and psychedelia, with fuzzed out guitar solos in constant dialogue with escalating moog assaults. This largely instrumental album was originally released on the DIY label DMR (Philippe de Magnée Recordings, the group’s producer and mentor) in 300 copies, as the band wanted its heritage to circulate among a select few. This is the first vinyl reissue ever since 1978, remastered straight from the original tapes, courtesy of the original label owner whose funding of this album was a catalyst and indispensable condition for its release, in exactly the same mindset, that is, 300 copies (hand-numbered). And if you like the album, you will enjoy even more the bonus CD where you can experience salvaged soundboard recordings from Skryvania’s rare live performances during their short-lived existence (1977/78), recorded by Philippe de Magnée who was also the band’s sound engineer at their live performances. The reissueis couched in the original album artwork (not featured in subsequent CD editions), and includes a 2-page insert with the band’s official biography, as well as previouslyunreleased live and studio photos