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Marginal Spots

Virot Francois

Marginal Spots

Label: Born Bad

Genre: Rock / Pop


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2008. François Virot releases his first non-CD-R album. To the question Yes Or No, criticism and the public answer: proposition n ° 1. We praise the nervous gesture and staggering melodies of this folk pop lo-fi, we treat it Animal Collective all by itself. It is pulled from the invisibility of the Lyon squats to get him on stage, film him, make him talk. Nobody realizes how much he is not ready. His songs he recorded for him, the hard way, without looking at himself. For this hyperactive fallen tiny in songwriting, naivety is not a calculation, the DIY not an aesthetic gadget. The honey of the first buzz is bitter.
"The first time they went dark at one of my concerts, I did not understand what was going on. I arrive, everyone applauds. I had to change a rope. I say it, everyone is still applauding. I change my rope, finish my beer, 10 minutes pass with the light on me. People thought it was great, they had died of laughter. For me it was hell. There were many moments like that where I suffered a big shift. "

François Virot is in the credits of two of the most beautiful records of the year. The first ( Comfortable Problems of the Clara Clara trio) fined all the Deerhoof apprentices on the planet. He deploys his drummer drumming drumming, his acid song on the brink of rupture, between happy hardcore and power pop stage. The second (Reveille Duo's Time & Death) is as touching, addictive and flawed as a collection of The Evens demos. No more throwing himself alone into the lion's den. It will not be resumed to hoot his moods by pounding a dry guitar. Besides, nobody laughs: we applaud by shock, desire, respect.
"I stopped making faces, talking to the public or making them sing anything. I focused on music, ignoring everything around it. Even today, if there is no one at a concert, I do not care. What I want is to be satisfied with what I hear. "

2016 . François Virot comes out of the wood and we redouble the fantastic doubled. After the third album of Clara Clara (Bugarach), more shimmering pop than ever, back to sobriety for a second solo album that had, despite everything, never stopped waiting. A record that is both a condensed laidback of his discography, an update of his obsessions (truculent batteries, catchy-but-vicelardes melodies, reference telescoping - Police vs. The Ex vs. Joe Dassin?), And a statement of no - Allegiance to the current indie laws.
"In recent times, I could not find a single disc without reverb, or a band that does not use a chorus pedal or live tape. It came out of my head. Making music is not about making the most beautiful thing. We need to see what's inside, to hear a human being singing and playing. "

Marginal Spots , it's François Virot on the bone, blind to the mirages of the hype, connected directly to the excitement of his heart.

Michael Patin