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The Poetry Of Emily Dickinson  ( Hope Is The Thing With Feathers )

Platonos Lena

The Poetry Of Emily Dickinson ( Hope Is The Thing With Feathers )

Label: Amour

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Following the successful Dark Entries re issues of her first iconic albums and the synch deal for the track “And We hear I Love you” for the Hulu Series High Fidelity, the legendary Greek composer of electronica returns with a new album entitled "Hope Is The Thing With Feathers" . In this album Platonos use English lyrics for the first time. It is a collection of love poems by Emily Dickinson set to electronic compositions written by Lena Platonos. The new songs implement dueling voices by nouveau chanteuses Sissi Rada and Athina Routsi. Platonos' longtime collaborator Stergios Tsirliagos has mixed-produced the compositions. The songs are arranged and orchestrated by Stelios Tsirliagos and Lena Platonos.

This work marks a return to Platonos' early musical studies in Vienna, where she would set the English verses of a friend of hers to music she would write on the piano. Those songs have been lost since, but not the feelings of experimentation and freedom which are evident in these new pieces. Emily Dickinson has been a lasting influence on Platonos throughout the years. According to Platonos, "although Dickinson was confined at home by "nervous prostration", she was profoundly in touch with her outer and inner reality, she was amazingly sensitive to the great issues of human existence, Love and Death, Eros and Thanatos, subjects to which the bulk of her work is devoted". Themes that have been explored time and time again on Platonos' original songs.
Red vinyl.