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Label: Sonar Kollektiv

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Joris Feiertag is a Dutch producer and drummer from the historic and culturally rich city of Utrecht. Having signed to Sonar Kollektiv in 2018, and released his debut longplaying record Time To Recover, and its subsequent remixes, two years later, he now brings us another side to his sound in the shape of the Dive.

This new project sees the producer return to something like his musical roots, delving deeper into the use of synths and embracing more offbeat melodies. Countering the more uplifting and vocal led nature of Time To Recover, Feiertag found himself searching for more sonorous and somber themes. Dive is in many ways a more personal album, without any topline song-writing and a simpler approach that allows Joris’ musicality to shine through. The lead track, Living In Slow, is a quirky and intimate introduction to the album, featuring sped up vocals, snapping snares, twitchy fx and those haunting synths. It’s a leisurely preface to what is a truly solo project that embraces Joris’ breakbeat roots and is an honest reflection of the producer’s raw energy.

Things pick up pace with Cala, complete with its steel drums, guitars and dramatic, swooping synths that gives it something of a Jamie XX feel. How U Do It, takes some of its cues from the same part of the world, albeit with a heavy dose of Detroit flavour, especially in the use of the moody and challenging spoken word that features on the track. It has its roots firmly planted in Detroit of course, but as well as its motor city connections there’s also a flavour of the UK scene in its DNA - something that Feiertag returns to time and again. British label’s like Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section and rising stars such as WheelUP are important touchstones for Joris’ sound, and here their broken beat (or “bruk”) legacy is felt alongside the US house feel.

Finally, the Dive is complete with the track of the same name rounding off the album. It’s the only track to have an overriding organic feel to it and very much the perfect way to bookend this evocative mini LP. A blissful climax in the style of a classic Amon Tobin outro.