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Ramirez Brothers


Label: Todres Records

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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Many have tried to categorize the Ramirez Brothers' music: Americana, psych blues funk, power-rockabilly… Their concerts, which have become a cult phenomenon in the Tel Aviv music scene, have been described as a "transcendental experience", and as "a boost of energy straight to the vein". Throughout their 20 years of playing together, the trumpet-guitar-drums trio has never ceased to surprise and has frequently reinvented itself. It's been five long years since the release of their acclaimed album Octopus Yoga. During the first quarantine of 2020, each of the brothers – Eitan, Sefi & Uzi – settled in their own improvised recording studio at home and started experimenting and sharing material that was used for a new project – Sci-fi. The result showcases the unique bond between the brothers. Although each instrument is recorded in a different city (drums from Brussels), the musical freedom – combining simplicity, humor, and passion – is ever-present; led by brother Uzi Ramirez, who composed and mixed the songs. The Ramirez Brothers' fourth studio album, "Sci-Fi" was released in 2021 and is now available for the first time on vinyl! The album offers a two-way trip for the soul: The A-side hovers like an undiscovered Psych-Jazz soundtrack, inviting the listener to relax and dive into deep thoughts. The B-side transcends between four tracks, each one with its own story in its own genre – funk, cabaret, big band & the sweetest instrumental lullaby ever written. The band's unique sound makes it hard to find similar reference groups, but, if you need one, try to imagine The Bad Plus, Ennio Morricone & Adrian Young celebrating the Covid-19 vaccination together. Well, it is what it is. Now, their music has been released on vinyl for the first time ever, with thanks and credit to Erez Todres and his label, "Todres Records".