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A Load Of Hits

Beet Freaks

A Load Of Hits

Label: Lost In Tyme

Genre: Rock / Pop


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"The strange town of Örebro, located in the middle of Sweden, has been launching demented and fuzz-oriented combos since the mid '60s up until our days. Previous groups like The Spades, The Satans, The Strollers, The Roadrunners, Luvely At The Club and many more have entertained the 0,5 promille of the world population that is in to garagerock. Now the latest four-piece of primitive neanderthal guitar tormenters has seen the light of day - get ready for The Beet Freaks! I'm not really sure what they mean with 'beet', the only one I'm familliar with is the beetroot that borsjt is made of (and maybe vodka?) but I know that they're complete freaks. Niklas, who's the screamer and primo guitartwanger has a long heritage of playing in various bands since the '80s but has also wone the Olympics in doita-doita guitar solos every tyme those games has appeared. He's backed up by Marcus (guitar and organ), big boy Michael on bass and notorious bad-ass singing drummer Robert Flex Andersson. Together they give you the most authentic and painfully mind and heartbreaking teenage angst songs you can imagine. So give me a G - an A - an R - an A - a G and an E - WHAT IS THAT?... The Beat Freaks!!!! ~Jens Lindberg 2022-01-26.