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History Of Everything Ever


History Of Everything Ever

Label: Beat Service

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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Flunk is a quartet from Oslo making downbeat acoustic music. From their debut in 2002, they have built a steady following around the world. They have about 55K followers on Spotify, with the top 5 countries being USA, Turkey, Germany, UK and Poland. Flunk is known for their downbeat version of New Order's Blue Monday (their best selling track by far). Flunk is now building up towards their next album, their seventh ordinary album. They released two digital singles in the autumn of 2020, and three more are out or planned winter/spring as a buld-up towards the album. The singles are pushed by targeted pre- and post-release world wide promotion in social media. The album will be markeded the same way. Their new album will be out on digital, vinyl and CD. The album patches together trademark elements of soul-healing downtempo electronics and naive pop, infused in Nordic mystique and faded Americana tropes.