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Kingdom Of Oblivion


Kingdom Of Oblivion

Label: Stickman

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Hard times call for big riffs. Following closely on the heels of the band’s last album from 2020, Kingdom Of Oblivion swings further back toward the heavier Motorpsychodelia of Heavy Metal Fruit while still pushing forward in characteristic style. Never a band to rest on their exceedingly large heap of laurels, Motorpsycho has already returned with the follow-up album to the highly acclaimed The All Is One - the conclusion to the loosely-titled “Gullvåg Trilogy”. Recorded partly in the same sessions as TAIO at Black Box Studio in France and partly at a local studio in Trondheim, the upcoming album Kingdom Of Oblivion arose partly from material that didn’t feel at home on the previous record. Due to the ongoing pandemic and lack of distractions (i.e. tours), the band devoted their time and effort to finishing the record straight out. Initially congealing around the central motive of ‘a pure hard rock record’, Kingdom Of Oblivion became much more than that as other lighter influences slipped in alongside the big riff backbone of the album (picture The Incredible String Band, Fleetwood Mac and Bert Jansch jamming alongside Tony Iommi and you’re getting close). Ever cyclical, the return to heavier music comes effortlessly to Motorpsycho, who by their own admission were borne of crunching guitars, roaring bass and the sheer mayhem of unhinged drumming. Considering the band’s three decades of musical experience in all plausible genres, you can be assured that Kingdom Of Oblivion is a uniquely colorful and creative heavy rock record as only this band can create.