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Foursight - Stockholm

Carter Ron

Foursight - Stockholm

Label: In + Out

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


  • LP x2 180gr AUDIOPHILE €47.99
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180 gram double vinyl, quality gate-fold sleeve. Ron Carter leads his ''Foursight'' quartet on this live recording from Sweden recorded in November 2018. The group includes drummer Payton Crossley, tenor saxophonist Jimmy Green, and star pianist Renee Rosnes.

''With us, nobody knows exactly what happens when,'' Carter praised the Foursight Quartet's unique selling point. ''This is precisely why every concert is a real challenge. We almost always play 35 to 40 minutes without a stop at the beginning. No breaks, just slight changes that show the beginning of a new song. If we were a classical music band, it would be called a symphony with five movements. This kind of thing only works with this band!''