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Label: Stickman

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Moving backward in the catalog of stellar releases from Warsaw’s foremost psychedelic stoner rockers, Weedpecker’s self-titled debut album joins its older siblings II (2015) and III (2018) in a brand new reissue on Stickman Records. The wonderful thing about Weedpecker has always been their evolution of sound, giving each of their three fulllength albums its distinctive flavor and charms. Weedpecker was recorded in 2013 with the band’s original lineup featuring drummer Pan Falon (of Belzebong) and Jeso Alonzo and most prominently features the band’s affection for 70’s hard rock and grunge alongside the obvious stoner and psychedelic rock influences. One can imagine Alice in Chains meets Baroness and Elder as a good starting point for this album. Yet this does little to describe the unique writing style of brothers and guitarists Piotr and Bartek Dobry, whose melodies and riffs provide the perfect counterplay between dreamy psychedelia and headbanging fuzz. After years out of print and unavailable, this new version has been remastered for optimal sound and features reworked artwork in gatefold packaging. The LP version is available on colored 180gr. vinyl and includes a download code.