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The Perfect Spell

Noise Figures

The Perfect Spell

Label: Made Of Stone Recordings

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Two years after "Telepath", the Athens-based drums-guitar duo of George Nikas and Stamos Bamparis have returned with their heaviest record to date. "The Perfect Spell" finds the band more cheerful than ever, in a mood to capture the vibe of their impressive gigs on a recording, that centers on the heavy bluesy sound of the 70's. All through the fresh look of a skilled, well traveled band with a warm Greek breeze that comes behind it.
Meaty, catchy, fuzz driven guitar lines and overwhelmingly powerful drumming create a full, loud wall of sound and keep muscle and intimidation in play throughout the album. With the cooperation of their sound engineer Nikos Triantafyllou and long time producer Alex Bolpasis, The Noise Figures play their ace and build a heavy psych soundscape, sticking close to their raw power roots.