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Billion Of Drops

Paranoid Reverb

Billion Of Drops

Label: Made Of Stone Recordings

Genre: Stoner / Post Metal / Industrial Rock


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Paranoid Reverb isa stoner/metal band formed in Thessaloniki, Greece, in late 2016. Among their main influences one can find the growls of Disturbed, the melodious riffs of Led Zeppelin, the «dark», psych mood of ‘70s metal and the intensity of ‘10s Greek desert rock. It consists of Christos Papaioannou (vocals), Themis Georgiadis (guitar), Petros Xevgenis (guitar), Timos Tyflioris (bass) and Xenofon Zafiropoulos (drums).The band took their first step as musicians at well-known venues of their hometown, opening for local artists like Bonzai and Hidden in the Basement. In the meantime, they begun brainstorming on their own, original tunes, most of which ended up on their debut album, “Billion Drops”. The album was recorded at Fireball Music Studio. It was produced-edited by Nikos Georgitsopoulos and mixed-mastered by Joe F.K. (guitarist-songwriter of Μ3ΜΦ1Σ).In the album’s seven tracks the quintet crafts a musical universe inspired by the best moments of hard rock, a universe filled with spooky references, «hymns» to the elements of nature and, above all, some kind of grit capturing listeners’ interest from the very first moment.