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Label: Sound Effect

Genre: Rock / Pop


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First ever physical release for the “pre-Dead Ends” Seirios Savvaidis’ alternative/psych-rock ensemble! Their latest album, recorded in 2011 and released as digital-only in 2013, is finally out on vinyl via Sound Effect Records! Movastro (meaning Purple Star), was founded in 2003 by Seirios Savvaidis and Stratos Patlamazoglou, later Dead Ends producer. They recorded 5 full studio albums and a live-acoustic one, released only as digital files, before they disbanded in 2013. “Erreto” is their final and most mature recording, incorporating to their alternative/post-punk guitar-rock some of the Dead Ends and Seirios Savvaidis “key” musical elements, such as the polyphonic choirs or the late-‘60s psychedelic tropes. “Erreto” was recorded around the same period as Seirios’ second solo album, “The Value System of the Stars”, though a lot more loud and rocking than its mainman’s solo efforts. “Erreto” is due out on 2 limited editions, black and white, vinyl, as part of Sound Effect Records’ Seirios Savvaidis “life campaign”