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More More More

Label: Stac Records

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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Following their self-released album ‘Proper Music’ in 2019 and radio plays by the likes of Erol Alkan, Gilles Peterson and Ana Matronic, MADMADMAD releases ‘More More More’, an album recorded in their experimental warehouse lab, infused by the band’s alien live party set, oozing dance bass lines, spiky guitars and fizzing drums.
Shaped by the mutant sounds of 70’s no-wave, post-punk and disco, but with an originality that comes from a clear sense of synergy that the band draws from current times, MADMADMAD is rocketing their influences into a new dimension. Their unique Disco Noir seeks deliverance from the chaotic and strange times we are now living through, fomenting a deep societal change and, hopefully, a brighter future.