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Maenad Veyl


Label: Veyl

Genre: Electro / Electro-Rock


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Maenad Veyl returns with his sophomore album, ‘Reassessment’, a collection of 13 tracks inspired by inner turmoil and change. Expanding on the sound palette established with last year’s critically-acclaimed ‘Body Count’, Feriero ventures into heavier, more abstract territories and collaborations with Years of Denial.

I wrote a new album as Maenad Veyl at the end of last year, in part inspired by events surrounding some personal health issues and a (minor) surgery. I wanted the music, title and artwork (shot over a year ago) to reflect what I experienced then, as I saw them as a metaphor to other changes I was going through at the time.?

Needless to say, as we geared up for release as we usually do, the world ground to a halt. All the images, words printed or spoken on the album have changed meaning since and, compared to what many people are going through now, my “inspiring changes” feel distant and unimportant.?

We’re not blind to the fact this could be seen as inappropriate or in bad taste, and we’ve contemplated every alternative, but in the end we’ve decided to keep things as “business as usual” as possible, so
‘Reassessment’ is now up for pre-order. - Maenad Veyl