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Archive Volume 5 - Live At Freak Valley Festival

Space Debris

Archive Volume 5 - Live At Freak Valley Festival

Label: Green Brain / Breitklang

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Complete concert of Space Debris at the Freak Valley Festival 2012. germanrock. de wrote: "... as a headliner (note: they were not) there were Space Debris performing a great performance of longer improvisations, the sound was so clean that you could hear all the instruments well, the drummer is amazing. The pieces were tasteful, very differentiated audible, varied, presented with psychedelic passages, interesting changes and in a very good mood - Krautrock à la carte! ". rock freaks e.V . wrote: "... even the first solo of Tommy's guitar whisked us happy enthusiasts like butter in a cake dough - we became one with the band, the music, the universe. Now was the time to let go and drift off into the stars as once in Kubrick's 2001: Space Debris - and beyond that infinity. The four boys drifted their wonderful timeless improvisations between blues, psych, kraut and prog in incomprehensible compactness into ecstatic peaks. The extent to which this music is justified even in modern times was once again shown by the fans, who were partly still very young and probably more oriented towards the Stoner scene, but they celebrated SD and later we also found the name Space Debris the feedback forms for the Best Band. It was a shock when the last 10 minutes of the concert were announced, how much more would you have liked to enjoy this excellent entree.