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Label: Ikaros

Genre: Rock / Pop


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The band first got together in spring of 1986.The steady members back then were vocalist Sigma Fay (Eftychia Athaniti), guitarist Yannis Drolapas and drummer Lucas Sideras.We were joined by various bassists in the course of time,Dimitris Daskalothanasis being the first,followed for a while by Johnny Vavouras,Jimis Diakomakos and finally Panagiotis Haramis who played with us for eight years.At first we would meet for rehearsals at the basement of Eftychia's family home at an Athenian suburb.Either her family and neighbors were verytolerant or they truly love rock music -whatever the reason we were able to rehearse unobstucted.

Since the beginning we included repertoires in our style.This led us to song composition.Although we hadn't made a record yet,our live performances were welcomed with enthusiasm.Our repertoire - inspired from prominent figures of the sixties and seventies such as Doors,Jimmy Hendrix,Tina Turner,Cactus,Patty Smith etc -together with Efttychia's inspiring renditions of songs by Janis Joplin and our powerful jamming sessions,created a loyal fan base that followed us around the rock clubs of the time.

Back in 1989 we'd used a four-channel tape recorder laying around in the basement to record various jams that we than turned into songs.As it usually goes with demos they left forgotten.Three months ago we received a phone call from Yiannis Drolapas who told us that he had come across some of those old demos.He was ecstatic about the songs and asked us to do something about them.That was it! Eftychia and i quickly caught on to his enthusiasm and without giving it a second thought we decided to promote them together with him.

Five tracks from our 1992 album and five additional demos seemed like a pretty good project.Of course we had to overcome various sound problems due to the initial tape recordings,but we were positive it would work.We quickly decided on the album's title,DIESEL -REFUELLED and we knew we wanted it to be a vinyl.Ikaros Records gave us the opportunity.

Our fourteen solid years in the rock scene as DIESEL gave us the unbelievable moment with you.
We would therefore like to dedicate this album to all the pure rockers of those times and of course the younger one's that might not know us yet!

Lucas Sideras - May 2019

Limited edition of 300 copies.