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Close To Destruction And Still Beautiful

Last Days Of S.e.x.

Close To Destruction And Still Beautiful

Label: Hands

Genre: Industrial / Post Industrial / Experimental


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An album title that competes for the most concise description of the state this world is in, 70 minutes of rhythmic and noisy techno industrial to accentuate man’s life on the verge of destruction: Manos Chrisovergis returns in 2019 with an album that is highly topical on both levels, politically and sonically. And lest we forget, this, the fourth Last Days of S.E.X. album, yields the highest output of possibly club compatible tunes among his trademark noise bursts - not least because of the remixes by TOMOHIKO SAGAE, KATRAN and MORAH and but also because underneath the ear-splitting onslaught there’s a slow and captivating groove waiting to be found.