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I Love Jan Lundgren Trio

Lundgren Jan Trio

I Love Jan Lundgren Trio

Label: Figaro Music

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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Within the last six months, the highly acclaimed album I Love Jan Lundgren Trio has reached more than 1.300.000 streams on Spotify. Among its Swedish jazz record contemporaries this number is almost unique. Jan Lundgren Trio was formed in the nineties and lines up Lundgren himself, Mattias Svensson and Zoltan Csörsz Jr. Their seventh album "I Love Jan Lundgren Trio" was recorded with a wholly analogue process in 2012 at the legendary Swedish Radio Studio 3. Produced by Eric Palmcrantz, the album was released on the label Buben and is distributed by Figaro Music and Media Group. British Jazz Journal promptly gave it five out of five stars. Pianist and composer Jan Lundgren is pleasantly surprised with the album's popularity: "I'm very pleased and quite astounded. We chose to release the album both as a numbered, limited edition vinyl and through various online streaming services. To reach out like this, with so many streams in such a short time, is really cool. It gives one hope for the future that we have broken through the white noise in a time when listeners have so much good music to choose from."