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Live From The Blue Planet


Live From The Blue Planet

Label: Elevatorforer

Genre: Rock / Pop


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April 2, 2018 Danish psych band Elevatorfører played an electrifying concert in one of the most mind-blowing settings, you could imagine. 4 million liters of water formed the backdrop for one of their most original and entertaining performances ever, when they played in front of the largest aquarium in Northern Europe at The Blue Planet in Copenhagen. Shoals of exotic fish, sharks and stingrays danced behind the band as the delivered energetic versions of some of their best songs, as well as a memorable cover of the 60s psych classic Sailing Ship and other sea shanties. ‘Live from the Blue Planet’ is Elevatorfører at their finest. The band plays with a joyful energy and creates a special atmosphere throughout the entire concert. This live recording proves that capturing the sound of a band playing live can be one of the most magical things on record. The band debuted in 2013 with the live album ‘Opkald fra ukendt etage’ (Levitation Records) and in 2016 they gave out the two studio records ‘Søvngænger’ and ‘Prøv lige at forestille dig det’ (Gateway). The new album takes them back to their direct and spontaneous point of departure in the live recording, but with much more style and authority. This collective of mutual hippie souls have never sounded better before!