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Bertelmann Volker ( Hauschka )


Label: Music On Vinyl

Genre: Soundtrack


  • LP 180gr Audiophile €25.99
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Volker Bertelmann, better known by his stage name Hauschka, composed the music for the three-part HBO thriller Gunpowder. The soundtrack with the recognizable sound from his prepared piano play and the use of alien objects on top of the hammers and strings. The unique melodies he created for the series came to life by using a minimal approach and using the same frequency of the piano as the voice of the conversations. The impact of the scenes are furthermore supported by the use of strings and drums.

The miniseries Gunpowder is based on the real 17th century "Gunpowder Plot," in which a group of English Catholics led by Robert Catesby tried and failed to kill the King of England by blowing up the House of Lords. Harington stars as Catesby, who was a committed Catholic at a time when Protestant England persecuted Catholics relentlessly.

Gunpowder is available as a limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies on silver vinyl.

180 gram audiophile vinyl
PVC protective sleeve
Includes 4 Page Booklet
Score by Multiple Award nominated Hauschka (Lion)
Limited Edition of 500 Individually Numbered Copies on silver vinyl