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2 Start / Stop - 3 Let It Go ( The Return )

It Iz Everywhere Now

2 Start / Stop - 3 Let It Go ( The Return )

Label: It Iz Everywhere Now

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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2 Albums / 3 CDs.
Here is the 8 Sided Panel Deluxe 10 Inch Size Edition ( 2 Sides Typed With UV Method ).
It Comes Out In 128 Numbered And Signed Copies (10 Of Them Added To The IIEN's Special Compilation Trilogy Box: GOD IZ.TRILOGY IS.IT IZ

A very special piece of music is here as a double album on 3 CDs before, even in three different editions, all of which are very appealing and I dare say "lovingly" have been made, but let us know the description of the artist on discogs, that he is also a collector himself.
But - of course - to the music: "I have to change me" begins with a mysterious, well synthetic chirping, before we are then kidnapped into the world of anything but senseless electronica. Deep, creaky basses, which always dominate for a short time, soft melodies and a voice that has been distorted beyond recognition - or has never been a voice and has been synthesized here only as an accompaniment to one - create a very unique sound, which is certainly in the tradition of Elph, Coil or the Threshold House Boys Choir. Here there are also rhythms, but never a classical song structure, but always re-opening sounds and sound paths, field recordings of flowing and rippling water, which, however, less lulling meditative, but rather "dialogic" effect. For one thing, I have the impression that you have to get extremely involved in the music and engage in dialogue with it, and on the other hand, the many timbres and sequences seem to be in dialogue with each other. Some titles, e.g. "Promises (Outer Space)" are also so playful and sometimes wildly rhythmic, that I can only think of Nurse With Wound, to give those who do not know "It iz everywhere now" an impression of what is here " happens "or what, ZeroChris, the man behind this project, lets happen.

A reference hint would probably be "Staggering silence", which by no means consists of silence, but shows how and even synthetic music can express feelings, without a word of what the plaintive, heavily alienated voice intones - especially since I believe , even a giggle to hear.
But the following "Death's Benefit" remains exciting for more than six minutes, is much more elegiac, intriguing and eludes most of the description. So I try to describe the 80 minutes of this work in summary: Here is nothing to sing along and despite the recurring rhythm sequences and nothing to dance. "It iz everywhere now" does not make any drones-based ambient music and despite all the noise elements (especially on the third CD, where at the end of a fascinating "quasi-cacophony" sounds), we are also far away from Industrial. "2 Start / Stop - 3 Let it go" is electronic, more adventurous than experimental, certainly not a radio drama, but somehow too, here you can hear some fascinating and moving music that is never boring and sometimes difficult or challenging.
Not just something for people who have all the release of the Eskaton label at home to seek another reference, but a very serious recommendation for anyone who does not consider the world of electronic music to be an orderly garden or just gently flowing river, but rather as jungle full of life (and death) imagine, because you get here. For those likely few, this double or triple album is a must.