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State Of The Underdog

Chasing Bone

State Of The Underdog

Label: Bone

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Panos Anastasiadis : « With this record, we had the chance for the first time, to listen to ourselves close to what we had in mind...
Side A was recorded in one take. Then we did a couple of takes for side B and it was ready : two-three hours...

Mistakes are what make music beautiful and humane. When you write down, compose the music, and then go to the studio, you need the people around you to tell you when to stop. If we do three takes and there is a good one, to avoid the process of searching for perfection...We keep the mistakes because it's honestly what happened at a very specific moment.

I don't think it's a record that can be played at a club, it's a personal thing that you need to listen to carefully to get what it has to say... if it has something to say...

The point of the cover is not to describe the music..We chose this one because it's a painting, it's not just a picture, and it reflects the title of the album, « State of the Underdog »... It's made of concrete, it gives an urban feeling, depression, isolation, something harsh, primitive, and it's grey, it can be a prison cell... « State of the Underdog », it is the state of the outsider. And Chasing Bone is about chasing nothing..!» (Thessaloniki, April 2017)