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Gkikas Joseph


Label: Noisyland

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Joseph Gkikas grips his guitar and starts crooning, with all his talented might, challenging the innocent and romantic authority of the music he stands for. This margin of art springs from Arta, Greece, a place where material like this is a pearl in a haystack, rare to correlate so easily with its muse from another era. Concentrating bursts of vitality turn each track into an emotional oldies radio station. Gkikas’ co-band musicians follow his inventive intelligence, so desperately in need to be served in sweet melodica and impeccable style.The passion throughout is commanding redemption for the retro lovers.

The Joseph Gkikas sound manifesto is very straightforward and influential: making an album sequenced with a matured musical flow in mind, displaying everything at work, filling a void left from the market of unattended in the modern R&B era with what comes out of the pure heart. Sharing similarities with prototypical early rock’n’roll bands, hanging on the post after-shake era of Fats Domino and Elvis, the moment in time is easy to define with this prolific musical intention. A quality formalized vinyl cut to represent the early-Hillbilly boogie tangles with a neoteric spin of fast pacing strings and tight basslines. Linking airy piano flakes of a Hammond in the air and dwelling through impressive Sax collages, it all builds the way to spiritual freedom. If these modern reinvented senses were a sound movement, the temptation is to say, there are not many cool-cats that would break the milestone out of this jive rush.

A stylistic description is that fluidity jumps into a specific rhythm for each track with a modern sense of spontaneity and surprise. This kind of depth adds a multi-layered vintage atmosphere and a “Good Times” dimension overall, creating an enthralling musical snapshot including the soul-referencing backing-vocals, urging you to sing along and dance with the rhythm. The fine musical production is exciting, promising to drift feelings upwards.

From crate digger to music-maker the emotive mystery man vocalist Gkikas, catapults his vintage roots in the heavens of an underground Jazz bar or a flashy Jukebox Hut. Sweet summers, sexy hip-swaying, and mono nostalgia crystallize into solid stereo, bringing alive characters and dialogues from a black and white film with a glass of fine spirit in hand. Honestly, this is a possession to carve your personal pieces into nostalgic creation days after nights, while hanging on to all your sweet tuned memorabilia.

-Niki Sorogas