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Some Chains Have No Boundaries

Coma Berenices

Some Chains Have No Boundaries

Label: Coherent States

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Hand-stamped CDR housed in 16-page digitally printed A5 'zine with 300gsm cover featuring collage art by the artist. Limited to 40 hand-numbered copies. 

We define new words for things we already know; the line and the surface are called "chains", and the objects integrated over the chains are called "differential forms" or simply "forms". Thus forms are dual to chains. We shall call a line a 1-chain, since it has one dimension, a surface a 2-chain, etc., and denote the generic chain Cn, with n dimensions. So we have C0, 0-chain = point, C1, 1-chain = line, C2, 2-chain = area, C3, 3-chain = volume, Cn, n-chain. Now the boundary of an n-chain is an (n - l)-chain. The boundary of an areais a line, and that of a line two points. We define a boundary operator, ∂, which maps Cn into C(n-1) or ∂Cn = C(n-1). Some chains have no boundaries: the surface of a sphere is a 2-chain (area) with no boundary, and a closed line like a circle is a 1-chain with no boundary. Such closed chains are called cycles and denoted Zn. Since they have noboundary, it is clear that ∂Zn = 0. 

Coma Berenices is Stathis Vitouladitis of Idiot Stroszek. "Some Chains Have No Boundaries" is his 13th release to date. It comprises a 16-page collage zine and a cdr with 20 minutes of new sound material. Using Italian and French magazines from the 70s and the 80s as well as African tribes that talk with klik klik, image and sound seem to evolve together as one thing, leading on to some intriguing collisions of the musique concrete ideas with the always punk/black/lo-fi attitude, a "chain" if you prefer between the two, resulting in a powerfull demonstration of the unique art of Coma Berenices. And some chains have no boundaries.