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You And What Army Faction


Label: Sweetohm Recordings

Genre: Rock / Pop


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RITE is our third full length release (or the seventh one, if you consider also the eps that appeared in-between) and it expands on our obsession with four-letter album names. Lyrically we explore addiction, the concept of art as medicine and the twilight zone, while sonically we just try to stack as many guitar layers as possible.

RITE’s recordings proved to be a challenge, mostly because at this certain point in time we find ourselves spread between different countries. The fact that some of us also saw  their families grow, added extra points of difficulty to the handling of the whole thing. Thankfully, mainly due to our decentralised way of composition, which allowed us to invent ways to minimize distances as well as to extend time, we managed to put together an album that we are quite content with.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone that contributed to the making of this record. It wouldn’t be as special without them.