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Topology Of Figments

Siavash Amini & Zenjungle

Topology Of Figments

Label: Flaming Pines

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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We sometimes create imaginary characters, spaces, friends or even memories as we communicate with each other by any means. After sometime they become part of who we are; to people we communicate with or even ourselves. Sometimes we cannot separate the imagined colors, textures, spaces, or even smells from what actually existed or exists. It’ s in such activities that we create spaces never imagined before; hallways, valleys, rooms, textures on a wall, a howling distant sound in a giant metropolis. These spaces can be thought of as explored but not owned by any person. No one has ever made claim to them.
In these tracks we have tried to imagine some of such places, live in them for a while, walk their paths without ever stopping for too long. This album reflects how we understand many of these imaginary lands, leaving them behind as they were (are).
The last track is made up of field recordings of Athens and Tehran, creating an imaginary and unruled, yet explored city.

Siavash Amini and Phil Gardelis

All music written, recorded and performed by Siavash Amini and Phil Gardelis between November 2015 and March 2016 in Tehran and Athens
Artwork by Phil Gardelis

Mastered at 158 by Lawrence English

Limited edition of 100 numbered copies.