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Yano Akiko


Label: Wewantsounds

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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Wewantsounds is proud to announce the reissue of her 1981 synth-pop masterpiece 'Tadaima.', co-produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto and featuring YMO. The reissue includes the original artwork by cult illustrator King Terry, a 2-page insert and OBI Strip (LP) and a new introduction by renowned DJ and producer Joakim. "Tadaima." ("I'm home" in Japanese) recorded in 1981 is Yano's fifth studio album co-produced by her then husband Ryuichi Sakamoto and featuring all the musicians from YMO (Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi and Sakamoto), the group she was touring with at the time. "Tadaima." is Yano's first attempt to leave the acoustic piano aside and delve into the synth sounds of the early 80s. The result is a fascinating electro pop masterpiece showcasing her talent as a writer, musician and singer, creating her own unique universe. Mixing Japanese and English lyrics, Yano crafts perfect pop songs such as"Tadaima" "I Sing", "Harusaki Kobeni" (which became one of her most famous songs after its use in a Japanese cosmetics ad), while "Taiyo no Onara" is a suite composed of nine short stories written by young children. Contributors on “Tadaima.” also include Shigesato Itoi, one of Japan's most famous copywriters (for Studio Ghibli among others) who came up with the album title, the catch phrase (“Listen, Watch, Taste, Enjoy!”) and wrote two tracks on the album, and his friend legendary illustrator Teruhiko Yumura - aka Terry Johnson - who revolutionised underground manga in the 70s with his 'heta-uma' (bad-good) style, as showcased on the album's striking artwork he designed. “Tadaima.” is the perfect entry point to Akiko Yano’s unique body of work