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Get Well Soon


Label: Caroline

Genre: Rock / Pop


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“Seinfeld’s a much bigger influence than Sartre,” GET WELL SOON’s Konstantin Gropper laughs when confronted by some of the topics he’s tackled on songs in the past. It’s perhaps not what you expect to hear from a man known for making reference to the likes of Homer, Werner Herzog, Karl Marx, Hermann Melville, Cannibal Corpse and Henry Darger, but once you’ve made an album about the apocalypse – as he did with 2012’s extraordinary The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads – it’s maybe time to address more alluring, commercially appealing subjects. Hence LOVE, Gropper’s fourth and arguably most accessible collection, his endeavour to tackle what he calls “the best and the most difficult topic, and probably the most complex to write about.”

White coloured vinyl.