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Prins Thomas


Label: Full Pupp

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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In Prins Thomas’ own words: “Hi there, this is my new album. Keeping with the tradition I decided to call it ‘III’. There's no great concept, no specific theme, no scheme, no plan... no space disco but still plenty of ‘space’. It is just documentation of the music I made during the recording period. A musical diary so to speak. Diary entry number three. Musically I feel it belongs somewhere between my last two albums - 2009’s ‘Prins Thomas’ and 2012’s ‘II’. They where both a result of the recording techniques and musical ideas I had at the time. The former organic, freeform (freerange) and organic, the latter more polished and ‘square’ as I just had figured how MIDI worked (I have to admit... I’m actually still not sure I know...). Anyway, what I’ve learnt so far is now coming together in some kind of musical (dis)harmony. One I hope you enjoy listening to as much as I enjoyed making it.”