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Desoto Caucus

Desoto Caucus

Desoto Caucus

Label: Glitterhouse

Genre: Rock / Pop


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The DeSoto Caucus” is the third album from Howe Gelb affiliates, The DeSoto Caucus, and their second international release.

After years of touring as part of Giant Sand, these are the impressions from the dusty trail, transformed by the native Danes into a slightly melancholic singer-songwriter based indie-rock. The initial idea of The Desoto Caucus always was to serve as a basis for playing with anyone interesting around, so they played e. g. with Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner as a steady five-piece, for Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan, for Scout Niblett and Nive Nielsen’s Deer Children.

Besides that they are just themselves as The DeSoto Caucus. And they are goddamn great in it. Their songwriting is one of a kind, their playing skills are more than just accurate, their style is breathtakingly cool and their attitude is dominated by commitment and devotion.

2013 saw the release of the highly acclaimed “Offramp Rodeo”, Following the release, they extensively toured all over Europe. So they will do after “The DeSoto Caucus” will have seen the light of day. The album captures the band at their peak. It is a piece of sheer beauty, with the best of what “Cosmic American Music” got to offer – but with the best imaginable additions to it, too. Very original music with brilliant and sometimes downright complex grooves, cool guitar work, and a timeless vintage soundscape inhabited by organs, maracas and vibraphones. Add to that two handful of clever and intriguing lyrics, haunting voices, and great dynamics, and you get the picture. The liner notes will tell you the rest of the story.