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No Islands

Farmer / Kilymis / Hughes / Cornford

No Islands

Label: Another Timbre

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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A unique realisation of John Cage’s ‘Four6’, plus two improvisations by:

Stephen Cornford   amplified piano

Patrick Farmer   turntable & electronics

Sarah Hughes   chorded zither

Kostis Kilymis   electronics

Recorded in Oxford in March 2011.


“The relation to listening, improvising and structure is very intriguing in Four6 and I find the framing quite impish, in knowing that the other performers have set brackets for set sounds, and thus a somewhat limited response to your own sounds does give it a quality of wildness, but at the same time, there is a massive opportunity to listen and a sensitivity to what, in that moment, one can hear.”   

                                                                                       Sarah Hughes