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Man In The Lighthouse

Burgundy Grapes

Man In The Lighthouse

Label: Inner Ear

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Carrying one album and one ep in their luggage, Burgundy Grapes set off on a new journey, the destination of which is again unknown. Their second album is called “Man In The Lighthouse” and includes 14 instrumental tracks of vibrant cinematic atmosphere, where the absence of lyrics and the minimal style set the listener’s imagination free to wander in new soundscapes that possess something of the infinity of the sea.

The duo of George Kolyvas and Alexandros Miaoulis is united with bonds of blood and friendship. Their sincerity, mutual respect, sense of humour and common views about music have led them to a creative musical chemistry. They do not declare themselves as musicians and they are self-taught, nevertheless together they have composed, arranged, performed and recorded in a unique way a totally “handmade” record.

“Man In The Lighthouse” dives into an ocean of acoustic and electric guitars hand in hand with mostly acoustic instruments and the collaboration of exceptional musicians of the Greek alternative music scene: Nikos Veliotis (cello), Fotis Siotas (violin, viola), George Katsanos (musical saw, matallophone, harmonium, theremin, waterphone), Giorgos Tsiatsoulis (accordion), Costas Kakouris (piano). Tracks keep building as the guitars repeat themes until they change shape and the playing often fades into silence. Melodic layers are used to wave an intense depth and the gentle segments following the brief dynamic shifts transform the mood of the album from dramatically charged to more pensive and reposed. It’s easy to get lost in the strange balance between fragility and nerve as the loneliness of the lighthouse unfolds a wide range of strong images and emotions: stress, danger, fear, security, longing, protection, silence, tranquility.