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Hot Water, Lines And Rickety Machines

Pope Joan

Hot Water, Lines And Rickety Machines

Label: One Inch Badge

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Pope Joan are now releasing their debut mini-album Hot Water, Lines, and Rickety Machines on Brighton-based label One Inch Badge Records (O.I.B. Records), after creating a breathless assemblage of 8 tracks recorded over one hectic weekend. This is a firm introduction to a band with wide-reaching ambitions and a bucketful of great ideas, due to hit shelves this coming summer. Lead track “No TV” has already been championed by DJ’s in clubs across the country, and is as good a representation of the band’s incendiary live performances as any. Elsewhere on the record you will find beautiful feedback-drenched epics, intricate drum machine led curios, and straight-up, cock-sure artrock. Pope Joan have made a name for themselves for their fast and euphoric performances, going from strength to strength to become the most innovative and exciting band on Brighton’s already thriving music scene. No TV 49 Years Time A Length of String Nothing Is Too Much Our Cuisine It's The Same As When You Asked Me The Last Time An Alternate Route To The End Pocket of Change