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Lemongrass Pres. Garden Vol. 3

Various Artists

Lemongrass Pres. Garden Vol. 3

Label: Lemongrass

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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The gardeners have done it again. Roland Voss (aka „Lemongrass“) and Daniel Voss (aka „Five Seasons“) have once more enlarged the label family, widened the range of its offerings and further increased the intensity. On this third edition, artists from 13 countries and 4 continents find their perfect place within the garden of enthralling vibes and enticing aromas. Among the many highlights are the drumatic spoken word performance of US singer Karen Gibson Roc, the beautiful melody of Finnish project Northbound, Australian pop discovery I Am Sam, and the head nodding beats of Japanese siren Yukiko Iiri. Glide through garden number 3 and enjoy the sublime wonders of the earth. After an intro composed of thunder and rain, US project 7b take you on an instrumental jazz house journey powered by a voluminous groove. Dutch/Taiwanese project Faro ft. Mo Shang experiences an Italian remix with pure vibes and heavy beats, set to free your mind. Karen Gibson Roc delivers a drumatic, spoken word masterpiece spiced by bass, flute and sax contributions of Ben Hadwen. Northbound’s „Funny Stones“ amazes as a choir of instruments sings beautiful melodies over creaking beats. Brazilian-flavoured „Ya-Fu“ by Russian project Aguaflames captivates as gentle vocals amble over a pensive and laid-back shuffle. UK project JetTricks deliver a subtly orchestrated pop jewel before the relaxed drive of Tafubar’s „The Wicked Thoughts Of You“ gets you going. Here, the Italian original gains momentum at the hands of Swedish remixer Pete Phunk. As if the Voss brothers could read your mind, they provide a nice break after all these exciting sounds. Rencause’s „Breeze“ makes you dream of diving into warm ocean waves. Chinese singer/producer Nana Wang gives you a big cuddle with her purring „Love Will Tear Us Apart“. French artist Eskadet makes time stand still. His „Solitudes“ is like enjoying a rich underwater world while riding a submarine in slow-motion speed. New York singer Manalili and Lemongrass conclude this slow passage with their charming song „Lovely“. The airy touch of Weathertunes marks the beginning of the stimulating ending. Their „Palm Fiction“ is like a Martini on ice and combines the cheerfulness of a beach bar with feelgood horns. Maybe the outstanding discovery of this „Garden Vol. 3“ is Australian band project I Am Sam. Their „Let It Pump“ beautifully bounces off a steel guitar, finds time to incorporate dramatic strings - and will make you press the repeat button. Vocals, sounds and arrangements are just too much to grasp in one go. Amazing! Faro’s „Shape of Sense“ gives some space to breathe, before Yukiko Iiri’s head nodding beats mark the brilliant conclusion. Whispered vocals lead into disturbing sounds before you fly away on the wings of a piano. „Lemongrass Garden Vol. 3“ – a breathtaking journey around the world in the secret garden of your heart. 1: 7b - Dr. Girlfriend 2: Faro feat. MoShang - Bleached Memories (Tafubar Chlormix) 3: Karen Gibson Roc - Stranger Are The Days 4: Northbound - Funny Stones 5: Aguaflames - Ya-fu 6: JetTricks Feat. Adefunke & Faye Houston - Lose You 7: Tafubar - The Wicked Thoughts Of You (Pete Phunk Afternoon Rhodes Mix) 8: Rencause - Breeze 9: Nana Wang - Love Will Tear Us Apart 10: Eskadet - Solitudes 11: Lemongrass - Lovely 12: Weathertunes - Palm Fiction 13: I am Sam - Let It Pump 14: Faro - Shape Of Sense 15: Yukiko Iiri - Nobody Can Be