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Time Traveller


Time Traveller

Label: Rapster

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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With their new album “Time Traveller”, PlantLife continues the musical exploration that made their debut an instant classic (the best elements of 70’s soul, funk & rock, 80’s electro freak out, 90’s b-boy politics and 2008’s futuristic ideals). In the intro to the album, Jack explains that “I was there when it all began. I made the whole planet rock with Afrika Bam. I had Melle Mel’s back when he was on the edge, I used to wear them big suits with the Talking Heads!” He goes on to say that he rolled a fatty with Jimi Hendrix, Dr. Dre & Snoop, told ACDC to come back in black and helped start gangster rap with NWA . Is it the truth? Probably not, but if you ask Jack about it he’ll swear that he was actually there for all of the aforementioned occurrences. Jack explains “Honestly, in certain regards I really feel like the energy I have inside me is the same musical energy of all of the people I love who gave it everything they had. Jack shows his continued love, respect and admiration for the ladies in his songs. Song titles like “Sun Shines Through Your Love” & “What A World Babygirl” show the exhilarating optimism of Plant Life…love despite chaos. In the latter, Jack splash declares “War, corruption…your love is my protection!” Not to be pigeonholed though, Jack follows those songs up with a healthy dose of stripclub fanfare. Not your average 808 stripclub fanfare though, “Take It Off!” is strictly 80’s sleaze (something like Motley Crue meets Timbaland). With a conscious decision not to weigh the album down with the obvious pessimism of modern day politics, PlantLife leave most of the politics for the end of the album with songs like “Tear The House Down” and “Believers”. In “Tear The House Down” Jack insinuates that we might be better off having Bootsy Collins for President and in “Believers” he tells us that “Whether it’s Tupac Shakur or my very own kin…believers are those who refuse to give in”, and just in case we might still have doubts about our convictions, not to worry because “in the end, love will win.” Another wild ride from beginning to end, “Time Traveller” is another important artistic statement from a band who refuses to conform to today’s boring musical blueprint. As Jack explained back in 2004, “All we really want to do is contribute some serious positivity to the world of music, and if some beautiful ladies shake their asses in the process then I think we did our job!” 1. Time traveller 2. Sun shines through your love 3. Sumthin about her 4. Freee! 5. take it iff 6. Your love 7. What a world (Babygirl) 8. U messed it up, so we took it back... 9. Rollerskate jam 10. Don't go around looking for a broken heart 11. AgirllikeUdeservesamanwhotreatsUhowUlike 12. Outta control 13. They pay me 4 this (Typqlsupastar) 14. Lovetoy 15. Be beautiful (Luvboogie2) 16. Got to find a better way 17. Tear the house down 18. Believers... 19. Fool for U