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Missing Ensemble


Label: Low Impedance

Genre: Industrial / Post Industrial / Experimental


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Daniel De Los Santos (Tamarin), John Sellekaers (Xingu Hill, Dead Hollywood Stars) and Mathias Delplanque (Lena, Bidlo) team up to produce their second work as The Missing Ensemble ‘Zeropolis’. The trio summons desolated urban landscapes, spectral cities and empty spaces so that a surrealistic vision of dystopia and dereliction forms into an abstract riddle. Drones that are at times almost subliminal and at other times huge and menacing, throw the listener into a submerged, forgotten metropolis, a place fed back to itself until the point of collapse. The phantoms of James Ballard and George Romero hover above the music like silent architects, as the former’s vision of disaster areas and the latter’s concept of decayed commercialism and corruption are translated into sound. This is a tour inside Zeropolis, a majestic non-city and the listener is invited to drown in its hallucinatory sounds.