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Sun Flowerz 1

Various Artists

Sun Flowerz 1

Label: Cinedelic

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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This record is a new collection serie of Italian groovy tunes.

This is such an unusual record that it defies description in terms of modern compilations. Here you won’t find the customary usual boring sound from start to finish, with no development and musical differences, as on the most of other albums on the market. When we speak about grooves in today’s pop music, we are referring to sound made only for DJs and clubs. The SUNFLOWERZ project tries to mix this idea of groove, adding to this melody-making songs, most of which sung by a female, that have a pop style. Some tracks are taken from the Cinedelic limited edition vinyl single series that as been a great success: MagnetiC4, Settebello Unlimited, Doktor Zoil and Frank Popp ensemble. The genres are incredibly various: we begin with soul and digress to Nu Jazz, passing through the broken beat by way of Indian flavour, electro-pop, tribal, exotic and lots of bossa! After this unique musical journey, you will be able to learn and understand the direction our project is taking. A wealth of experience and musical skill has come together to produce musica that is meaningful, melodic and moody.

Melody to free your mind. Rhythm to move your body.