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Mouse On Mars


Label: Thrill Jockey

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Mouse on Mars – Anarchic Artificial Intelligence New life always announces itself through sound. That is where the artificial becomes reborn as organic. Mouse on Mars' new collaboration with writer/scholar Louis Chude-Sokei and a collective of computer programmers blends deep synthesis with utopian rhythm and cybernetic fantasy. Accompanied by long-time collaborator Dodo NKishi on percussion, AAI displays Mouse on Mars’ notorious urge to juxtapose human idiosyncrasy with digital multiplicity. AAI is based on a text by Louis Chude-Sokei reflecting on an alternative history of race, technology, colonialism and futurism from the perspective of machine intelligence as a form of ethnic becoming. Chude-Sokei’s voice is also the source for a speech model algorithm which allows the band to interact with the evolving sentience of AAI. Where the collaborative album from 2018, Dimensional People, focused on the spontaneous interaction between individual musicians AAI explores an interconnected orchestra of human, machine, intuition and code. Rather than depend on contemporary models of human/machine interactions, this project appropriates these themes and technologies for non-standard, creole purposes. The project can presented as an online symposium / performance as well as a spatial live show including additional musicians, lights and robotics.