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Selections - February 2018

Top Sales - January 2018


  1. More Wealth Than Money
    Normil Hawaiians: More Wealth Than Money
    (LP x2)
  2. Ennia Plhrwmena Tragoydia - Vinyl Reissue
  3. The Thread That Keeps Us
    Calexico: The Thread That Keeps Us
    (CD x2 Digi / Cardboard)
  4. Oracle
    Web Web: Oracle
  5. Time To Tell - Vinyl Edition
    Cosey Fanni Tutti: Time To Tell - Vinyl Edition
  6. Trypes Ston Paradeiso
  7. Leading Stolen Horses
    Glorious Din: Leading Stolen Horses
    (LP 180gr)
  8. Party Sto 13o Orofo
  9. Space Museum
    Solid Space: Space Museum
  10. Closely Watched Trains
    Glorious Din: Closely Watched Trains
    (LP 180gr)
  11. Sto Falhmento Tou Kosmou - Yiousouroum
    Asimos Nikolas: Sto Falhmento Tou Kosmou - Yiousouroum
    (LP 180gr)
  12. The Light
    Tango With Lions: The Light
    (CD Digi / Cardboard)
  13. Low In High School
    Morrissey: Low In High School
  14. Wrong Creatures
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Wrong Creatures
    (CD Digi / Cardboard)
  15. The Visitor
    Young Neil & Promise Of The Real: The Visitor
    (CD Digi / Cardboard)
  16. Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3: Experimental German Rock And Electronic Music 1971-81
  17. Invenciones - La Otra Vanguardia Musical En Latinoamerica 1976 - 1988
  18. The In Sound From Way Out - Vinyl Edition
  19. The Spaces Between
    Carter Chris: The Spaces Between
  20. Chapters I - Iv
    Trisomie 21: Chapters I - Iv
    (LPx5 BOX)
  21. Pleased To Meet You
    James: Pleased To Meet You
    (LP x2 180gr)
  22. Blade Runner 2049
    Zimmer Hans & Wallfisch Ben: Blade Runner 2049
    (CD x2)
  23. Ladilikan
    Trio Da Kali & Kronos Quartet: Ladilikan
    (LP 180GR +MP3 COUPON)
  24. Philokalia
    Keep Shelly In Athens: Philokalia
  25. Utopia
    Bjork: Utopia
    (LP x2 180gr +MP3 COUPON)
  26. The Animal Spirits
    Holden James: The Animal Spirits
    (LP x2 +MP3 COUPON)
  27. Succubus
    Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation: Succubus
    (LP x2 180gr +MP3 COUPON)
  28. Waffles, Triangles & Jesus
    White Jim: Waffles, Triangles & Jesus
    (CD Digi / Cardboard)
  29. Blood For Blood
    Psychedelic Trips To Death: Blood For Blood
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  30. Nomc 15
    New Order: Nomc 15
    (CD x2)


  1. A Cold Cell In Bangkok
  2. Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage
  3. Expansion Naranja
    Ford Proco / Coil: Expansion Naranja
  4. Racer-x
    Big Black: Racer-x
  5. Big Popa
    Notorious B.i.g.: Big Popa
  6. Pora Sotunda
    Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices Feat Gerrard Lisa: Pora Sotunda
  7. Cadillac / I Can't Escape Myself
  8. Harmony Of Difference
    Washington Kamasi: Harmony Of Difference
  9. Tommy Ep
    Klein: Tommy Ep
  10. Les Nouvelles Structures Sonores
    Lasry Jacques / Baschet Francois: Les Nouvelles Structures Sonores

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